~ Timbre of Japanese Music and Soul for You ~
We are Yamato from Hiroshima, Japan, creators of a beautiful fusion of traditional Japanese Gagaku music and modern jazz.  We strongly believe that the power and love of music can build peace and strengthen the connections among people everywhere.  We also believe our mission can enhance the legacy of our hometown, Hiroshima where some 140,000 people, including my grandparents, lost their lives on August 6, 1945.  We’ve come to learn the importance of creating a better future not by holding grudges, but by creating harmony with others and expressing human warmth.  As you know, Japanese culture and arts are deeply rooted in the harmony with nature.  We try to bless, respect and enjoy the spiritual power found throughout the natural world and everywhere in our lives – and it has a very gentle, yet unmistakable purifying energy.  We hope you enjoy our music and feel our prayers for world peace and the energies from natures and cosmos.
Izumi Kimoto, Founder/Leader of KIMOTO IZUMI "YAMATO"